Congo to Global: Ghost writing

I have been working a lot over the past two months on the autobiography of a RAP star, which I am ghost writing. – working title, Congo to Global. I am almost at the stage to pitch for a literary agent in order to seek a publisher for the book. I am grateful for the support of Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, who has been mentoring me on this project over the past six weeks. (Debz undertook the first external edit of Show Me The Way to Santiago).

I continue to work closely with the RAP star himself on the powerful story of how he survived witnessing the killing of his parents and being forced to fight as a boy soldier, before his rescue and him arriving in the UK as a bewildered sixteen year old refugee. He has faced and overcome many challenges before becoming a successful musician.

Our plan is to seek to publish the book just before or during 2025, to coincide with Bradford, City of Culture and for him to be part of a musical event, that would seek to bring other artists to the city.

I will post further if there are developments