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Author: Peter Kay

CJLandry Interview

I have today had a one hour interview with CJLandry, who specialises in publicising and highlighting the work of independent authors working with/for IndiePublishing Companies, like CuriousCatBooks. The Interview will be made public on the 23rd November 2020. I will publish the links to this nearer the time.

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Interview on IMPACT Radio USA

My interview with Dr Paul Reeves about my book SHOW ME THE WAY TO SANTIAGO is scheduled to be aired live today (26th June) at 4pm. It will be repeated at 10pm and again at 1am Saturday morning (if you are a night owl).
The link is

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A useful day of action research yesterday, that will enable me to write the next Chapter of AVAC2C. Missing footpaths, attacked by cows, lost in a wood, negotiating the A19, an English Heritage site, a stile to nowhere, site of a castle, picnic by a babbling brook, losing a pen – just some of the adventures of the day Leave a Comment

£300 now raised for MND

Book sales of Show Me The Way To Santiago have been steady, but have now reached 50 in all formats/outlets and the amount raised for the MND Association has just passed the £300 mark. This is without being able to hold any of the planned book launch and/or book reading events.

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So, you want to go back to normal when this is all over
Where our NHS is underfunded
And under-prepared for what is needed
You want a normality that sees
Key workers on zero hours contracts
Or paid the minimum wage
You want to take for granted
delivery drivers, supermarket staff,
Go about your business and leave
the homeless on the streets

You want to return to a normality
That bails out the banks, rewards the rich
Ignores the poor and vulnerable
You want a normality that protects privilege
And scorns those that don’t have it
A normality that castigates foreigner’s
All those people not born in the UK,
Who kept afloat the NHS, the care system,
picked the crops that would have rotted in our
fields, so that we could eat in our little castles

You’d prefer to go back to normal
Where staff who look after our elders
Are doing so without the
necessary equipment and support
You want a normality that sees
Traffic jams and saturated skies polluting our environment
And putting the very existence of our planet at risk
A normality where economic growth
Is the measure of progress and not
The health and well-being of our populations.

Do you really want to return to a normal
Predicated on the survival of the fittest
When what this has shown us is that
Collectively we are only as strong as our weakest
You want a normality of individuals scurrying
Like lemmings to keep up with the Jones’s
Not having time to dwell on the needs of others.
In their communities, their countries, their world
A normality where success is greed and power
The state is organised to protect such status, rather
than to care best for those who need its help most

So, be careful what you wish for when you say
“I just want things back to normal.”
Think carefully about what you really mean
Is it the freedom to go out, to socialise,
To meet a friend and give them a hug
The freedom to roam the countryside, wherever you please
To eat out, visit the local pub, watch your favourite team
Freedoms many normally just take for granted, and yet
For the weakest and less fortunate in the world
Such options are a normality only lived in dreams
And if, if, we go back to a normality that fails
To recognise our responsibilities to all citizens of the world
Then our children, and our children’s children
will never forgive us.

Peter Kay
First written 24th April 2020

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Customer Reviews on Amazon

Mrs J A Ralph

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 April 2020

A great read to while away the long Lockdown days. Peter’s memoir takes you on a journey of discovery, which is scenic, spiritual, poignant and funny, (tears rolling down my eyes at the thought of two grown men tumbling down a hillside). It’s a story support and friendships new and old built up along the way. Thank you Peter for sharing your pilgrimage, it was a delight to read.

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Steady sales

10 days after the release of Show Me The Way To Santiago and so far I have dealt with 23 book orders and have sold 3 Kindle versions. The total raised for MND stands at just over £150. I plan to release a number of short video clips of extracts from the book over the coming weeks.

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Show Me The Way To Santiago and MND Society

All my ‘profits’ from the sales of Show Me The Way to Santiago will be going to support the work of the Motor Neurone Disease Society (MND). I lost a good friend to MND last October. Christine was also my unofficial book salesperson in the North East, having persuaded many friends, fellow knitters and others to purchase my first book A Pennine Way Odyssey. Her husband Trevor, had walked the last three legs of the Pennine Way with me. Trevor and Christine had been good friends for 10 years and she is still sorely missed. Release date of SHOW ME THE WAY TO SANTIAGO is still 2 days away, but already pre-order sales have raised nearly £100 for MND

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Show Me The Way To Santiago Publication details

I am happy to announce that Show Me The Way To Santiago will be available from the 18th April. All my profits from the sales of the book will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Society (MND)
The paperback version will retail at £17.99 from Amazon and other on-line book selling outlets.
Sales from this route will contribute around £2 per book to the MND.
A kindle version is available for £6.99.
This will contribute £2.40 per book to MND.
I will be purchasing a number of books myself, in order to provide books for friends and family and to provide signed copies. (upon request). Some of these books will be available for future book launch events, when circumstances allow.
Such signed copies will be available for £14.50 plus postage.
This arrangement will contribute £5 per book to the MND.
To take advantage of this offer simply send an email to



So let there be no mistake we are at war,
though our enemy wears an invisible cloak,
targets indiscriminately without fear or remorse
leaves no corner of the globe untouched and yet
We rehearsed this catastrophe four years ago.
Identified our weaknesses, of which there were many
Put in the pile; ‘too difficult’, it’ll never happen
But it is. Here. Now. Each minute of every hour.

And who is at the front line fighting this enemy?
Who is it that is taking the brunt for us all?
Not the politicians, city slickers, certainly not the banks
It’s our NHS staff who are right in the face of it
having to fight an enemy they just can’t see
except in the lungs and the eyes of their patients
Seeing the fear of death, whilst knowing they are at risk, too
Yet, and this is what makes it so hard for me

They needn’t have been at such high risk at all
if in the knowledge of what would be needed
those who could have acted on all our behalfs
had taken reasonable and necessary steps.
Ensured that when, not if, a global pandemic struck
we could arm front-line troops with what they needed
not throw them to the mercy of the four winds, as
we did with our young boys over a hundred years ago.

So fuck you gutless, incompetent politicians.
Hold your heads in shame, you deserve no sympathy.
we’re now throwing money away like confetti, to
shut the door, but the bloody horse has bolted.
We could have saved many more by spending before.
When the dust has settled on this human disaster
and we are all remembering our dead, as best we can
let us not forget that we were involved in a war.

and that every man and woman on that front line
deserves our admiration and so much more
every one of their names must be inscribed
on memorials in each place they came from
their bravery should be remembered year after year
the same way the fallen are from wars fought before
never let us forget that they died to save us
and never let our NHS be under prepared anymore.

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Poem of the Day 29/03/20

Encouraging the dog to bark

Social distancing in the park

Going out on my bike for a ride

Acting like I’ve something to hide

Setting off on a gentle run

With my gloves and face mask on

plans go well till kissing gate

After you. No you. I’ll wait.

Both turn around and head away

that’ll be our exercise for the day.

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