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Poetry on The Moor

Thrilled to be asked to headline the first anniversary PotM  event today and to be able to promote my books. I chose to share amongst other things a poem inspired by the Spanish poet Leon Fillipe, who was one of my fathers favourite poets. Fillipe was born in Tabara and fled Spain during the Spanish Civil War and died in exile. As a great coincidence I was in Tabara on the 18th April 2016, during my waling of the Via de La PLata. The 18th April was my father’s birthday.

I am walking in your footsteps

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Today is the second anniversary of the publication of Show Me The Way To Santiago, and my father’s birthday.  He would have been 102 today. Despite not being able to hold any launch events due to COVID/Lockdowns, 170 copies have been sold and almost £900 raised for the MNDA.

Next month will see the launch of my latest book – A Very Alternative Coast To Coast, and the opportunity to hold in person events to mark its publication. Whilst AVAC2C will of course take pride of place, I will use opportunities to promote SMTWTS, as well.

I had hoped by today to have sold 200 copies  of SMTWTS and raised £1,000. Those are still targets I hope to pass during the coming year.

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AVAC2C nearing publication

All the online editing has been done and the cover designs created and agreed. All that remains is a hard copy edit, before a publication date is agreed. Watch this space for more information and for details of launch events

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Hope to have front cover resolved this week. Moving ever closer to a publication date

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26 copies of Show Me The Way To Santiago were sold across all platforms last month and the total raised for MNDA is now approaching £900.

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Publisher’s launch

Last Saturday night saw the launch of my publisher Curious Cat Books company at Waterstones in bradford. It coincided with Waterstones 25th anniversary. I was finally able to get to read some extracts from SMTWTS in person. Great night with fellow Authors and invited guests

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Just in – Amy’s Bookshelf Review

4 stars
Such a grand journey
Kay pens an unimaginable journey in Show Me The Way To Santiago. This is the first book of the Author’s that I’ve read. The path travelled is the route of the Via De la Plata from Seville to Santiago, a distance of 1,006 kilometres, in north west Spain. Kay tells of his journey, his adventures and those who he met, and who shared their own personal stories. It’s more than just a journey, it’s a pilgrimage, and I think it’s amazing that he had the stamina to walk all that way. It’s a very interesting read, and he wrote about his travels, wonderfully. I look forward to reading more by this Author. Show Me The Way To Santiago is a definite recommendation by Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews.

Thank you Amy Shannon

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AVAC2C to be published in the Autumn

I heard today that my submission of the final draft of my Book A Very Alternative Coast to Coast has been accepted by my publisher, Curious Cat Books. We will work on finalising the book later in the year, with a publication date probably being between September and December.

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Good December for SMTWTS

26 copies of Show Me The Way To Santiago were sold during December, making it the most successful month of sales since publication. The figure includes an impressive 10 paperbacks bought in the USA. 119 copies have now been sold across all formats and the total raised for MNDA, once all payments have been received will be £577. add to this £125 from Calendar sales and the total raised for MNDA has broken £700.

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AVAC2C Update

I have just finished writing the first draft of A Very Alternative Coast to Coast. I am going to have a break from it for a few weeks and pick up the task of self-editing and rewriting in January. I would hope to be working with my publisher on it by April next year.

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Book Review

Details of my Interview with Alison Laycock, Book reviewer and blogger are now available on Booklovers.Home.Blog
The review itself should be available within the next ten days.

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£300 now raised for MND

Book sales of Show Me The Way To Santiago have been steady, but have now reached 50 in all formats/outlets and the amount raised for the MND Association has just passed the £300 mark. This is without being able to hold any of the planned book launch and/or book reading events.

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Sales Update for Show Me The Way To Santiago

A week on from my previous post ‘Steady Sales’, which recorded sales ten days after release, I can now update Sales information. I have sold 31 books, 4 have been sold via Amazon and 4 Kindle Books have been sold. Contributions to the MND Association have now passed £200.

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Customer Reviews on Amazon

Mrs J A Ralph

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 April 2020

A great read to while away the long Lockdown days. Peter’s memoir takes you on a journey of discovery, which is scenic, spiritual, poignant and funny, (tears rolling down my eyes at the thought of two grown men tumbling down a hillside). It’s a story support and friendships new and old built up along the way. Thank you Peter for sharing your pilgrimage, it was a delight to read.

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