This poem was written in memory of a dear friend, who struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. Sadly he is no longer with us.

And in the darkness I hear the call
Wonder whether the lustrous moon is up
To witness the random slaughter
Inside I read stories to my daughter
Shut out the reality and stench of the kill
Stroke her hair and sing a lullaby
Though my blood is curdled by the cry
And in my head my other self asks why?
Later as dawn approaches I am awake
Thoughts tumbling upon each other in my head
I rise and check my daughter’s breathing
Watch her perfect child-like body heaving
Outside a sudden gust of wind rattles the gate
The owl makes a last call before handing on
The mantle of birdsong to the blackbird
Whilst I can only ponder the absurd
Ask again why she had to die
And whether next time I stand
on the precipice of the bridge
I will dare to jump
To shut out once and for all
Both the darkness and the call

Peter Kay