Review By Nicky J Rae

“Happiness is meant to be shared” to quote a guy on a documentary about taking on the pilgrimage to the Camino de Santiago… …does happiness have to be shared? Is it not enough to have that warm feeling inside of you, a glint in your eye, and a smile accompanied by a nod to One’s self of successful completion. Not just of this journey mentioned, but of any meaningful journey that we make in our lives? Do we need the validation? Or is it the genuineness of knowing that those around us will be happy and proud of us completing our mission? Peter Kay’s book, a diary of his own personal journey on his. pilgrimage of the Camino de Santiago is a great read also full of beautiful tales of his encounters with other folk along the well trodden path. It’s available on Amazon. I’ll drop the link below. I’ve just watched a woman who did the Camino with her 4 year old son. Amazing… or crazy!

By Nicky J Rae