My Poem for this week – Senseless – I hope you enjoy, feedback always appreciated. #ShamelessSelfpromoThursday #WritingCommunity #Books #Blogs #Art #Poetry #YouTube #writing #amwriting #readingcommunity #author #writer #writerscommunity #ThursdayMotivation #poetrylovers

What the eye touches first touches the infinite
engenders a thousand unconscious thoughts
synapse imprints linger long in every recess
And can never be unseen

What the ear catches first catches the wind
mystical music fills space beneath the skin
reverberates in pulsing veins
And can never be unheard

What a fingertip touches first touches the snowflake
kiss surrendering softness warmth wetness
tantalising tingles register pleasure
And can never be unfelt

Why then do I see the bodies of innocents
desperate folk fleeing their homelands
rainforests with tree-felled swathes
people turning a blind eye

Why do I hear the cries of despairing children
shattering screams of exploding shells
the excuses of those with power
Unable to listen to reason

Why do I feel the scorched grass of moorland
the cold corpse of my father
flood water rising through my floor
feel out of touch