Peter Kay

Peter Kay

Black Sun by Peter Kay

Black Sun There is a black sun rising in the east, a swirling, shape-shifting schizemic shift. Twitchers throng, to embrace overhead feast, each single element of airborne lift combines to darken crimson blooded sky. Freewheeling murmuration holds our gaze, black sun fills binoculars held to try to capture magic moments, as the day slips into darkness the throng disperses, thousands of sturnidae, forever lost. Hooded crow signals eternal curses as moon takes centre stage to count the cost.

Gingerlicious Halloween

Fabulous Gingerlicious Halloween open mic this Tuesday. With the fabulous host, David Driver: “Great night last night. Here are a few photos. Thanks Laura Strickland, Roz Ottery, Peter Kay Faye Roseanna, Ros Driver, Corinne Pollard, Robert Sandie, Louise Hofman.” Two…


Really looking forward to being a part of this: Bradford has a wealth of writers in every genre, who either self-publish their work or are published by small Indie presses. There will be writers of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for…