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Month: March 2020

Poem of the Day 29/03/20

Encouraging the dog to bark

Social distancing in the park

Going out on my bike for a ride

Acting like I’ve something to hide

Setting off on a gentle run

With my gloves and face mask on

plans go well till kissing gate

After you. No you. I’ll wait.

Both turn around and head away

that’ll be our exercise for the day.

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Book Cover Reveal

The Book Cover for Show me the Way to Santiago will be revealed through my publisher on the 31st March. A picture of the cover will also be posted here on that day.

Book Sleeve
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I spent time with Alyson Rhodes, as part of a workshop looking at inspiration for writing that can be derived from a cemetery (Bingley Cemetery on this occasion). The second of the two workshops was cancelled due to Coronavirus. However, I have so far produced two poems from the day.  I will add this to my collection of poems about graveyards.

This poem is one of them:



Was it the moss that lichened him to the stone?

Did he spend a life of meaning whilst alive?

Beneath the earth remains of calcified bone

Whilst above the ground granite memorials loom,

Near lies MARINA, who died by the ocean

Here the ‘sea’ is wave upon wave of headstones

that stretch eastwards; an army moving in slow motion

marching on the spot, watching over loved ones.


There are the well tended and neglected plots

Homing a no longer old husband or wife

Graves of the haves and also of the have nots

long livers and some who died young in a strife

Some sought religion before they passed over

Others found a different faith late in life

But the one thing each gravestone had in common

words mourning their passing, that cut like a knife

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Show Me The Way To Santiago – update

I collected a hard copy of the book yesterday from my publisher. We are now both going through it with a fine tooth comb to make any final adjustments, before it heads to the printers. As soon as I have a publication date and a date by which pre-orders can be made I will post a further update.

In the current coronavirus pandemic situation a number of provisional book – launch events have had to be put on hold. Rachael, my editor and publisher of Curious Cat Books will be rescheduling some of these events in the fullness of time, when we are advised it is safe to do so.

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The LeedsLitFest event (From Darkness into Light) at the Adelphi pub in Leeds in two days time, is sold out. My monologue about living with my dead mother-in-law for sixteen years will be performed, along with ten other short (5 minute) pieces. Good luck to all the other performers and writers. If the night is as good as last year it will be a memorable one for the ninety people who will witness all the performances.

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Book Cover

Currently mulling over options for book cover design and will share options with fellow writers this week. Hope to have agreed design by the weekend. This will facilitate discussions and agreements for a date of publication next month and also a prior date, when pre-orders of Show Me The Way To Santiago will be able to be placed.

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